The Original Endless Nights: Lounge & Tavern!

The one that started it all!

Endless Nights: Lounge & Tavern is the Tavern venue under the Endless Nights banner - the one where it all started.

With themed events and music by our own in-house bards, aswell as a fully roleplayed bar & diner experience, the Lounge & Tavern is the perfect place for someone who loves to attend musical events or simply wants to do some casual roleplay. Even for hanging out and making friends, the tavern is the perfect place.

Endless Nights: Lounge & Tavern is located on Light Datacenter - Zodiark - Mist - Ward 18 Plot 15

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    Themed Community Events

    in Endless Nights: Lounge & Tavern, we organize a variety of themed community events with the support of our staff and performers. We make sure to spice it up to provide everyone with a varied and exciting experience, while also offering a place to roleplay in a big cozy community.

    Music by our Bards

    We have an excellent lineup of in-house bards who compose and play a large variety of music for our events. Each community event consists of multiple hours of top-tier bard performances, supported by the themed events around it.

    Staffed Bar & Diner

    In addition to live music, we also have a strong team of dedicated in-house staff on board to provide an immersive fully-roleplayed Bar and Diner experience, with excellent selections of drinks and food on our custom-made menus.

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    Special Drinks & Shots

    Diner Menu

    Desserts & Sides